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Enterprise archiving to centralize and automate the retention of data.

Financial Services Case Study

See how one multinational bank leveraged Enterprise Vault™ to streamline the process of reviewing employee communications for compliance violations.

Veritas success story

Learn how Veritas deployed Enterprise Vault™ as a data retention solution and to accelerate eDiscovery.

Enterprise Vault and Office 365: Head to Head

Learn how Enterprise Vault provides unique capabilities that Office 365 can't match - all at a lower cost.

What's new in Enterprise Vault 12.5

Enhanced supervision, classification, search, and more.

With the latest release of Enterprise Vault, supervision is now faster and more advanced, and classification has been extended with support for many new policies and countries.

Key enhancements:

  • Hotword hit counts direct reviewers to the most relevant content, and new Hotword workflow improvements guide reviewers to each Hotword hit.
  • Filtering on content source and Hotword lexicons filter review sets to focus on the most relevant content.
  • Targeted search by time range helps pinpoint insider trading by finding evidence of private information being communicated before it becomes public information.
  • Updated classification policies for the California Consumer Privacy Act, NYDFSS and Personal Data policies that now cover more than 70 countries worldwide.

All of this means an increased ability to locate the most relevant content quickly--minimizing risk, lowering cost and ensuring compliance for all the data in your organization.

Classify what you retain

Make informed decisions about what information to keep while deleting the irrelevant

  • Allow users to make decisions and eliminate guesswork through automation
  • Improve productivity by streamlining supervision, search, and discovery
  • Simplify migrations by reducing your storage footprint beforehand

Execute your retention management strategy

Implement a policy-based framework regardless of user behavior

  • Meet business and regulatory information retention requirements
  • Decrease risk by expiring information at the end of its useful lifecycle
  • Adapt your strategy broadly or granularly when needed to address evolving policy

Find the information you want quickly

Simplify monitoring, search, and discovery

  • Improve compliance through sampling and reviewing electronic communications
  • Access archived information when and where you want
  • Respond confidently to discovery or investigation requests

Retention management

For compliance, discovery, and storage efficiency

To combat today’s data deluge, organizations must proactively address long-term information management to help reduce IT costs and business risk or exposure. Our purpose-built retention management platform lets you execute diverse strategies to meet business and regulatory information retention requirements.

  • Centralize retention management across email, files, social media, and more both natively and through an extensive partner ecosystem
  • Scale easily from managing 100s of users to 100s of thousands
  • Deploy on-premises, in hybrid configurations, or in the cloud
  • Archive to help improve backup and recovery performance

Keep the best, delete the rest

Confidently analyze, categorize, and prioritize the information you retain. Save time and money with integrated appliances.

Imagine opening your garage to find boxes stacked haphazardly to the ceiling, so it’s almost impossible, if not dangerous, to navigate to the door to your house. That overwhelming feeling is akin to what many IT professionals experience when first contemplating governance over unstructured data. Classification can help simplify deciding what to keep to meet long-term business and regulatory information retention requirements.

  • Assign granular, unique retention rules to keep archived content only as long as needed
  • Tag archived items with metadata to speed supervision, search, and discovery
  • Reclassify your entire archive or a subset to meet evolving information retention requirements
  • See the value firsthand by taking a Classification Test Drive
  • Learn about quantitative benefits by reading the ESG Technical Review

Use discovery for the archive

Speed up discovery and simplify the review process

Veritas Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator provides high-speed search and export of large data sets to help answer requests for archived content throughout its lifecycle. If you need to search for information outside the archive or require capabilities like notification workflow for legal holds or predictive coding, opt for augmenting Discovery Accelerator with Veritas eDiscovery Platform. 

  • Search, preserve, and initiate legal holds on archived data
  • Enable case management with chain-of-custody tracking
  • Use the simple mail client-style interface to reduce the burden on review staff
  • Take advantage of high-speed exports to native file system/message formats

Leverage supervision for the archive

Monitor electronic communications for compliance

With Veritas Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator, you can automate the role-based review of communications by appropriate supervisors, as required by industry regulations or internal mandates, while preserving a procedural audit trail. Use policy-based classification and retention management to help make sense of a broad range of complex compliance regulations.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to compliance and best-practice governance
  • Quickly find and present relevant content for proactive retention and response
  • Use machine learning to reduce irrelevant items to review 

Simplify your search

Find archived information when you need it

Archiving helps you retain unstructured data like emails and files in a central repository to meet long-term retention requirements. Doing so makes archived emails and files available to support discovery requests or internal investigations and to your entire organization. With Enterprise Vault Search, users can easily access archived information when and where needed.

  • Help your organization easily search across archives with Enterprise Vault Search
  • Automatically optimize the interface for all your business devices
  • Focus on critical IT tasks instead of answering requests to restore deleted email or files

Maintain your Veritas archiving investment

Choose from flexible archiving options when migrating applications to the cloud

Are you moving from Exchange on-premises to Exchange Online as part of Office 365 and you already have Enterprise Vault? Depending on your retention management requirements, you can stay with Enterprise Vault or opt to migrate to Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloud, our 100% SaaS archiving solution. Consult your Veritas sales representative for details.

  • Journal email from Exchange Online in the cloud directly to Enterprise Vault on-premises using SMTP archiving
  • Free your IT team from day-to-day archive administration with Managed Enterprise Vault
  • Reduce capital expenses by migrating from Enterprise Vault on-premises to Enterprise Vault in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services
  • Leave the archiving to us by combining Managed Enterprise Vault with EV247 in Microsoft Azure
  • Use the cloud as an archive storage tier with support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 IA, Google and IBM Public Cloud Object Storage

Use backups for recovery and archiving for discovery

Complement backups to improve data protection processes

It’s time to evolve beyond keeping everything forever, and that starts with your data protection strategy. Complementing backups with archiving can help decrease IT costs and administration overhead while reducing business risk and exposure.

  • Improve backup and recovery performance by reducing the storage footprint of what’s protected
  • Reset unlimited backup retention to more optimal measures for Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)
  • Reduce help desk calls by allowing users to search for and retrieve lost emails or files

Building value through meaningful integrations

Complement Enterprise Vault with other Veritas solutions

At Veritas, we don’t integrate our solutions for the mere sake of integration. We integrate them where we can solve specific customer challenges. Explore how augmenting your existing implementations with Enterprise Vault can help your organization.

  • Protect your Enterprise Vault archive with Veritas NetBackup or Backup Exec
  • Archive files directly from Veritas Data Insight reports into Enterprise Vault
  • Use Veritas eDiscovery Platform to collect directly from Enterprise Vault and enforce litigation hold
  • Identify PST files with Veritas Information Studio, creating instructions for archiving these files
  • Leverage Veritas Access to provision archival storage for Enterprise Vault

Use archiving as the foundation for your GDPR strategy

Keep personal data for only as long as needed, and no longer

With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect in May 2018, organizations must rethink the strategy of keeping every bit of data forever. With Veritas Enterprise Vault, you can create policies that enforce information retention rules to meet long-term business and regulatory requirements while still providing seamless archived data access to users. Plus, you can configure Enterprise Vault to expire information at the end of its useful lifecycle, so you can more confidently address GDPR provisions like the right to erasure.

  • Use one repository for long-term information retention
  • Classify data to separate meaningful information from garbage
  • Implement on-premises, in-the-cloud, or in-hybrid configurations
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