Veritas Alta™ Backup as a Service

Enterprise data protection delivered as a fully hosted service.

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Easy-to-use BaaS solution built to optimize cyber resiliency.

Veritas Alta™ Backup as a Service provides enterprise-scale data protection and cyber resiliency while reducing the complexity, vulnerabilities, and cost of self-managed infrastructure. Fully hosted by Veritas, this powerful solution gives you unmatched flexibility and agility across your choice of cloud service providers—simplifying how you operate and freeing you to focus on more urgent priorities.

Ensure simplified data protection across multiple clouds, at any scale.

Gain Cloud Agility

Turnkey data protection optimized for your multi-cloud environment.

Control Costs

Operational efficiencies reduce data protection spend by up to 45%.

Minimize Risk

Built on a multi-layered security foundation with zero trust principles.

Optimize protection and efficiency with unmatched cloud agility.

Veritas Alta Backup as a Service reduces hardware and infrastructure setup and provides unified management and monitoring, improving scalability and access to the latest innovations.

  • Fully hosted by Veritas means no more hardware or infrastructure installation, upgrades, or maintenance
  • Auto-provisioning, capacity turning, self-describing data, and more, to increase scale and accelerate innovation
  • Unified data management with application-consistent protection
  • Flexibility to shift workloads and adapt to new regulations
  • Embedded monitoring and analytics to assess usage and health across your data estate

Maximize value through enterprise data protection.

Veritas Alta Backup as a Service provides cost transparency and control, dynamic scaling on-demand, continuous data protection, and cost optimization for cloud scaling, allowing for budget shifting from CapEx to OpEx.

  • Dynamic scale of resources on demand or automatically as needed
  • Data movement optimized for cloud-scale from the source
  • Integrated immutable cloud storage with 10x the bundled egress costs and multiple storage tier options

Future-proof your operations with multi-layered security.

Veritas Alta Backup as a Service is hosted on an enterprise-hardened foundation. It is configured and optimized to meet high-security requirements and verification levels, including user authentication, device identification, and data encryption. By ensuring that only authorized users and devices can access your Veritas Alta services, it keeps your data secure and resilient.

  • Hosted by Veritas
  • Highly available
  • Secure by default
    • Data isolation
    • Role-based access control (RBAC), single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), identity provider integration options
    • Data encryption at rest and in transit
    • Certificate-based between Veritas Alta Backup as a Service and server
    • Threat mitigation, including compliance, vulnerability scans and pen test, intrusion detection, and more

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