Virtualization Solutions

Integrated data management solutions for virtual environments.

Comprehensive support for VM and containerized workloads.

Veritas offers a range of advanced capabilities to handle data management across VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV and Red Hat Virtualization environments. With agentless, automated protection and availability, instant access to VM data and efficient scalability, we give enterprise IT unmatched versatility and control.

As virtualized workloads proliferate, so too do the risks.

With many organizations virtualizing 90 to 100 percent of their enterprise workloads, supporting and protecting multi-cloud and geographically diverse environments is a growing challenge.

Rising cloud costs

Quickly leading to overspending and waste.

Massive data growth

This can make protection more costly and difficult.

Malware is growing

It's increasing in frequency, sophistication and cost-impact.

Veritas supports virtualization in ways other providers can't.

Our integrated approach maximizes the performance of your virtual workloads.

Best-in-Class Protection

  • Industry-leading data backup and recovery
  • Intelligent native policies to automate detection and protection
  • Multi-layered defense strategy from edge to core to cloud

Business Resiliency

  • Automated, agentless backup and recovery for every VM
  • Immutable storage and secure long-term retention
  • Automated and SLA-driven resiliency that caters to uptime

Seamless Scalability

  • Backup and restore anywhere at scale
  • Manage hundreds to hundreds of thousands of VMs
  • Quickly and easily scale with VM cloning

Proven and reliable data management for VMware.

Optimize, protect and scale your VMware environment with efficiency and ease.

  • Backup and recover VMs with agentless access
  • Create a protection plan with just three clicks
  • Automatically detect anomalies in your backup stream
  • One-click disaster recovery

High availability and application resiliency.

Veritas InfoScale improves application availability, storage efficiency, and performance in virtual environments by complementing native virtual machine functionality in an efficient way.

  • Application resiliency with intelligent application monitoring and proactive failure detection and recovery
  • Storage efficiency with cost effective and higher performing shared storage solution for performance optimization, scalability, and fault-tolerant clustered file system
  • Infrastructure agility through intelligent replication for mobility across geographical locations
  • Cost avoidance by decreasing revenue-generating application downtime with recovery automation

Standardized operating model for Kubernetes orchestrations.

Our integrated platform approach enables software-defined scalability, distribution flexibility and ransomware resilience for all containerized applications.

  • Backup and restore across clusters to avoid outages, errors and downtime
  • Ensure application resiliency and portability
  • Display a simple, unified dashboard for the entire backup ecosystem
  • Utilize native Kubernetes constructs

Seamlessly manage and protect workloads across your virtual environments.

Our industry-leading products work together to solve your data challenges.


The #1 enterprise backup and recovery solution.


Gain zero downtime on-premises and in the cloud.

NetBackup IT Analytics

Visibility into storage, backup and cloud in a single, agnostic view.

Experience the power of Veritas Enterprise Data Services.

Our integrated product portfolio is backed by a robust and comprehensive technology ecosystem. No other provider comes close to matching its scale and versatility.


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