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Optimize compliance through greater visibility, context, and control

Eliminate data governance gaps that could cost you millions.

Digital transformation is redefining the regulatory rules that govern businesses. At the same time, the multitude of operating environments and communication platforms now in use make compliance administration more demanding—and potentially more costly—than ever. Our integrated portfolio of compliance capabilities synthesizes intelligence across data sources to streamline access, deliver insights, and minimize risk for organizations of all sizes.

Exponential growth of content creates elevated risk for enterprises.

With the rise in remote working, businesses are struggling to uncover and monitor dark data hiding across new content channels, like messaging and collaboration apps, file sharing tools, and social media.

163 ZB

The total estimated amount of data worldwide by 2025.

7 Minutes

The frequency at which new regulatory alerts are issued by governing bodies worldwide.


of office workers now sped more than half their working day on messaging and collaboration tools.


of employees admit to sharing sensitive company data using messaging and collaboration tools.

Our integrated approach turns dark data into actionable insights.


Pull insights from 120+ apps and content sources with a rich native review toolset that puts everything in context.


Seamlessly move data from on-premises to the cloud for advanced retention and supervision.


Index and classify archived data to allow for faster searches and supervision while accelerating legal holds.

Capture every conversation

With our Merge1 integration, Veritas ingests data from more than 120 popular communication platforms, including team collaboration tools, messaging apps, financial platforms, and all relevant cloud-based connectors.

  • Pull from Microsoft 365, Google, Bloomberg, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more
  • Expose and delete trivial files beforehand to reduce migration time and costs
  • Flag specific information to enhance future searches
  • Minimize risk by archiving to existing infrastructure instead of relying on a third party
  • Reduce costs and complexity by consolidating data capture onto a single platform

Uncover risks and gain insights

Using reporting and visualization features from our Data Insight integration, users can classify at-risk data, rescind access to sensitive data, and engage data owners to improve decision-making.

  • Visualize dark data and minimize duplicate, stale, or orphaned content files
  • Expose liabilities, prevent breaches, and quickly classify sensitive files
  • Identify over 880 ransomware extensions with built-in ransomware file group reporting
  • Use proprietary algorithms to collate employee profiles, behavior, and content sensitivity
  • Capture user activity for billions of actions to identify trend lines and outliers

Classify critical information

Powered by an unparalleled level of automation and intelligence, the Veritas Integrated Classification Engine is built to eliminate the dark data challenges that frequently stand in the way of successful data security and compliance teams.

  • Mitigate risks to data privacy and security
  • Index and classify archived data for faster search, retrieval, or disposal
  • Gathers metadata attributes and user behavior forensics for actionable intelligence
  • Identify data ownership, usage, and access controls
  • Enable enterprises, governments, and law firms to quickly manage legal matters

Archive and retrieve to and from anywhere

Enterprise Vault provides automated data archiving and retention capabilities for organizations to efficiently store and retrieve structured or unstructured information.

  • Retain data on-premises, in a public cloud, or using a hybrid configuration
  • Reduce your organization’s overall information footprint
  • Utilize hundreds of preconfigured policies and patterns
  • Locate personal data, sensitive data, COVID-19 data, ransomware, and more
  • Full integration within Merge1, providing unmatched visibility and control

Monitor supervision workflows

Perform cost-effective supervisory review of regulated communications with Advanced Supervision. This intelligent compliance monitoring engine helps administrators configure, manage, and control application workflows.

  • Sample electronic files and manage review by appropriate supervisors
  • Configure monitoring policies at a granular level to set the scope of reviews
  • Decrease the cost of review through targeted sampling and classification
  • Maintain records that policies have been implemented and executed for audit purposes
  • Ensure compliance with industry and regional regulations to avoid fines

Discover what matters

The Veritas eDiscovery Platform is a powerful engine for conducting large-scale, dataset-driven searches to help organizations identify key resolution files. This end-to-end investigation tool quickly collects, processes, and organizes information for legal IT staff review.

  • Leverage a simple, intuitive interface for locating relevant files and content
  • Enable compliance officers to make more informed decisions to better manage risk
  • Prevent sensitive data leaks with automated data masking
  • Optimize reviewer collaboration with tools that support a more agile review process
  • Simplify investigations with automated tools that accelerate the speed to resolution
Veritas Merge1 is truly a pioneer product in this space. It's an easy-to-setup solution for our many complex problems. The support team is top-notch, as well.
Bo He
Vice President
KKR & Co. Inc.

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