Appliance Services

Simplify deployment, maximize value and optimize backup

Benefits of Veritas Appliance Services.

Veritas Appliance Services helps keep your systems up and running and your staff working efficiently by providing you with access to a team of experts and support resources. This allows your business to focus on more pressing strategic tasks.  Let us do what we do best, so your business can do what it does best.

Expert Veritas appliance installation

Get more value with expert appliance installation and custom configuration from Veritas.


Installation and configuration to speed time to value and limit risk.


Return on your investment and get the most from your appliance.


Performance and resilience within your unique environment.

Veritas appliances offer:

  • Faster time-to-production
  • Simplified management
  • Better use of IT resources
  • Increased predictability
  • Improved availability/redundancy
Standard Premium
Physical installation of your Veritas appliance. Review existing production NetBackup design and gather requirements.
Setup of appliance management console. Remotely configure and integrate Veritas appliance into production NetBackup environment.
Remote functional validation of appliance Test functionality of backup and restore process and configure a Storage Lifecycle Policy.
Detailed deployment report. Wal-through production configuration and provide a snapshot.
  Optional on-site delivery available.

NetBackup Appliance Solutions

Today enterprise IT is more than the core data center, it spans from the edge to the core to the cloud. It includes virtual environments, hybrid clouds along with traditional data protection deployments. One appliance model cannot meet the needs of all these different use cases. Veritas offers several appliance families designed to bring NetBackup enterprise class data protection to the complete enterprise.

Appliance Relocation Services

Appliance Relocation Services from Veritas Appliance Services provides assisted relocation and repurposing of a Veritas appliance from one physical location to another. This service simplifies the logistics process by providing complete removal, shipping, and reinstallation of the appliance with a new factory configuration.

For terms and conditions applicable to Appliance Support, including the Appliance Support Certificate and Appliance Support Descriptions, please see our License Agreements.

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