Veritas Alta™ Surveillance

Fast, effective regulatory compliance with AI-powered supervision.

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Global regulatory compliance solution optimized for the cloud.

Veritas Alta™ Surveillance is a cloud-based compliance management system that streamlines the monitoring and supervision of communications subject to regulation. With built-in automation, AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, Veritas Alta Surveillance enables organizations to quickly zero in on risky behavior, identify the most relevant content, and stay ahead of compliance obligations.

A complete compliance management system that ensures defensibility.

Content & Context

Accelerate and improve review workflows with a vast array of supported channels in threaded conversational text.

Intelligent Automation & Feedback

Conduct surveillance and surface critical data with machine learning intelligence based on thousands of patterns and policies.

Full Transparency

Gain a deeper understanding of why certain data gets flagged with our automated Intelligent Review.

Intensify monitoring of all relevant communications.

Veritas Alta Surveillance is fully integrated with Veritas Alta™ Capture, which enables you to streamline the supervisory review of all communications required to meet regulatory compliance.

  • Monitor more than 120 communication and collaboration content sources
  • Display all communications with full fidelity—text, voice, image, and video
  • Configure journaling and/or targeted collection of content to search, analyze, review, and report against

Isolate relevant content with continuous active learning tools.

Veritas Alta™ Classification adds to the power of Veritas Alta Surveillance, giving you the ability to define patterns and policies using a single console no matter where the data exists within your organization.

  • Leverage more than 1,100 built-in patterns and more than 250 policies highlighting customer complaints, outside business activities, bribery, insider trading, and more
  • Speed workflows based on automatic processes that predict relevance based on prior decisions, with no training set required
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with Intelligent Review, which drives enhanced machine-driven automation, and incorporates classification tags and content selections into its machine learning calculations
  • Cut through the noise with sentiment analysis, classification highlighting, language detection, noise reduction, and more

Meet regulatory compliance demands with intelligent insights.

Discover factors behind automated decisions and workflows for clearer understanding and increased value of the overall compliance management system.

  • Drive efficiency with transparent policies that can be copied and modified to better serve specific requirements
  • Reinforce defensibility through classification-driven sampling with targeted review and evidence of review
  • Confirm regulatory compliance with guaranteed sample, random sample, and ad hoc searches
  • Learn why an item was flagged as relevant or irrelevant with the Veritas Alta Surveillance Transparency Score