Veritas Alta™ Data Protection

Data protection and cyber resilience for enterprise cloud workloads.

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Highly automated and secure cloud-native data protection.

Veritas Alta™ Data Protection delivers the industry’s broadest protection for cloud workloads—spanning 60+ different cloud environments. With AI-powered automation, flexible recovery options, cloud-native storage technology, and elastic infrastructure for reduced costs and carbon footprint, Veritas Alta Data Protection gives you a complete data protection solution across any cloud, any environment, at any scale.

Safeguard enterprise data across any environment, at any scale.

Cyber Resilience

Deploy multi-layered security to ensure the integrity of your mission-critical data.

Cloud-Native Optimization

Leverage powerful, scalable capabilities to optimize protection across any cloud.

Automated Operations

Manage resources more efficiently and reduce costs by requiring less oversight.

Close the gaps in your cyber resiliency strategy.

Ensure the resilience of your business operations with multi-layered cybersecurity and intelligent automation capabilities delivered on a highly scalable, AI-powered platform.


  • Data integrity with storage-agnostic immutability
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Military-grade encryption in-transit and at rest
  • Integrated SOAR/XDR platforms to pause or resume data protection activities based on security or maintenance events


  • Threat mitigation edge to core to cloud
  • Complete infrastructure and data visibility
  • AI-powered anomaly detection
  • Automated malware scanning
  • Easy ingestion of anomaly and malware scan alerts stored within system logs by early warning systems such as SIEM platforms


  • Orchestrated and automated recovery at scale
  • Visibility of last-known-good malware-free backups
  • Infected content expiration prior to recovery
  • Zero-ransom, clean recovery

Optimize data protection with cloud-native control.

Scale performance and data protection with ease across all applications and environments. Leverage multi-cloud intelligence to enhance cybersecurity while reducing costs.

  • Safeguard SaaS application data with the integrated capabilities of Veritas Alta™ SaaS Protection
  • Optimize performance, mitigate risks, and reduce cloud costs
  • Expand backup and recovery support for cloud-based PaaS workloads
  • Scale securely with and provide protection for VMware environments and object storage 
  • Orchestrate workload migration to and between clouds for AWSAzure, and Google Cloud
  • Automate and orchestrate DR at scale in the cloud with single-click recovery, custom scripting, and DR rehearsals

Highly Scalable, Cloud-Native Architecture

Cloud Scale Technology is the industry's first multi-cloud optimized, data protection architecture.

Streamline operations with intelligent automation.

Simplify backup and recovery while ensuring constant protection and data optimization. Manage resources more efficiently and reduce costs with machine learning and AI-powered automation.

  • Reduce cloud instance utilization up to 40 percent with elastic cloud autoscaling for AWS and Azure
  • Decrease your cloud storage costs and carbon footprint by up to 95 percent with elastic cloud data deduplication and snapshot services
  • Monitor your entire data estate at the edge, core, and cloud from a single, unified console view
  • Use orchestrated, automated, at-scale backup and disaster recovery for cloud workloads, unstructured Windows/Linux files, and VMs
  • Leverage multiple service levels for complex, multi-tiered applications
  • Monitor compliance with the most stringent SLAs via audit reports and non-disruptive recovery rehearsals