Enterprise Vault

Automated compliance archiving for streamlined discovery

Meet demanding regulatory requests.

Enterprise Vault captures information across all your communication platforms—seamlessly migrating it from on-premises to the cloud, and automatically identifying the most relevant content to ensure compliance. Highly-regulated businesses worldwide rely on it for deep insights and actionable intelligence.

Optimize compliance with ease and accuracy.

Capture Everything

Social media, team collaboration, email, instant messaging, and voice communication.

Archive Anywhere

Automate classification and retain your organization's most important data.

Discover What Matters

Locate relevant data quickly for discovery, supervision, privacy, and legal challenges.

Flexible deployment

Enterprise Vault gives you the flexibility to archive your data in any environment.

  • Retain data on-premises, in a public cloud, or using a hybrid configuration
  • Leverage existing on-premises storage and migrate data to the cloud as you scale
  • Define policies that determine data storage location and duration

Archiving & eDiscovery

Classify and contextualize content data and archive accordingly.

  • Utilize hundreds of preconfigured policies and patterns
  • Tag items with metadata to speed supervision, search, and discovery
  • Locate personal data, sensitive data, COVID-19 data, ransomware, and more
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Latest Release: Enterprise Vault 14

Easily capture and classify all your data, wherever it lives.

  • Search, sample, and review all relevant content according to compliance policies
  • Archive on-prem or with your preferred public cloud services, like AWS and Azure
  • New policies for tagging COVID-19 data, ransomware, and sensitive data for new countries
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120+ content sources

Enterprise Vault integrates with Veritas Merge1, the industry's most robust ingestion engine.
  • Full integration within Merge1, providing unmatched visibility and control
  • Social media, team collaboration, instant messaging, and even voice communication
  • New content sources and functionality added regularly

Advanced Supervision

This powerful new compliance tool reduces the cost and effort associated with monitoring electronic communications.

  • Classification-driven supervision, allowing users to focus sampling by eliminating noise
  • Rapid review and automated sampling to help concentrate on the most critical content
  • Modern UI design and a tabbed interface for easy navigation between preferred views

Achieve compliance with all major regulatory bodies.

Retain communications for corporate governance mandates, support e-discovery investigations for legal IT, and meet all other industry regulations.



Pharma & Healthcare




Energy & Utilities

FERC, DOE, ERC, State Regulations

Optimize your workflow with the Digital Compliance Suite.

Our integrated product portfolio synthesizes intelligence across unstructured data sources to minimize business risk.

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Gartner Peer Insights Customer's Choice

Veritas Awarded 2021 Customers' Choice for Enterprise Information Archiving.

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Capture all communication data through a single platform.

Data Insight

Enterprise-class data compliance and governance.

Enterprise vault cloud

Cloud data archive and migration for Office 365 and more.

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