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Agile archiving and discovery for streamlined compliance.

Enhance data governance across every platform.

Enterprise helps highly regulated organizations archive data across all communication platforms for seamless migration and automated identification of key content. For compliance officers and corporate legal IT, Enterprise is the proven solution to meet your supervision and discovery requirements. 

Optimize compliance with cloud-native agility.

Capture Everything

Collaboration content, chat, email, social media, voice communications, and more.

Archive Anywhere

Broad range of deployment options: on-premises, hybrid, deploy in your own tenant, and native multi-tenant SaaS.

Discover What Matters

Locate relevant data quickly for discovery, supervision, privacy, and legal challenges.

Cloud-based SaaS compliance

Archive and manage high-risk data across all storage environments to efficiently meet data governance requirements.

  • Retain information in a single, searchable online repository within our secure and private multi-tenant data centers
  • Reduce costs with a consistent monthly subscription model
  • Preserve your unstructured data and make it discoverable via classification and indexing

Capture every conversation

Ensure total compliance with a platform that ingests content across today's top business applications.

  • Full integration within Veritas Merge1, providing unmatched visibility and control
  • Collaboration content, chat, email, social media, voice communications and more
  • New content sources and functionality added regularly
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Latest Release: Enterprise

  • Direct Migrator enhancements
  • New UK data center
  • Discard Rules preventing unwanted items from entering the archive
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Advanced eDiscovery

Optimize compliance investigations with collection of all content sources, rapid search, and purpose-built review of massive amounts of data.

  • Capture all content sources that maintain relevant data, sensitive data, COVID-19 data, and ransomware-prone data
  • Classify content for rapid investigations and early case assessment
  • Implement legal hold retention policies that ensure consistent, defensible discovery, and deletion practices
  • Improve productivity with purpose-built review and advanced case management workflows

Advanced Supervision

Reduce the cost and complexity associated with monitoring all compliance communications.

  • Classification identifies and prioritizes content for supervision
  • Machine learning with Intelligent Review optimizes review
  • Modern, feature rich UI with native review for collaboration content makes review even more efficient

Achieve compliance with all major regulatory bodies.

Retain communications for corporate governance mandates, support e-discovery investigations for legal IT, and meet all other industry regulations.



Pharma & Healthcare




Energy & Utilities

FERC, DOE, ERC, State Regulations

It would be cumbersome to search messages with Microsoft 365 alone, and I couldn’t confidently say we’d have all we needed. And that’s really the driving factor. Now our discovery searches reveal who said what to whom.
Geoff Pangonis
Messaging Administrator,

Optimize your workflow with the Digital Compliance Suite.

Our integrated product portfolio synthesizes intelligence across unstructured data sources to minimize business risk.

Our industry-leading products work together to solve your data management challenges.


Capture all communication data through a single platform.

Enterprise Vault

Automated data capture and information archiving.

Data Insight: Unstructured Dark Data Visibility

Wish you could predict an information crisis before it happens? Data Insight reduces risk and improves accountability. Try our new risk analysis tool now

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