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eDiscovery Platform

Handle legal and regulatory compliance demands with eDiscovery

Simplify investigations and accelerate speed to resolution.

eDiscovery Platform is a powerful engine for conducting large-scale, dataset-driven searches to help organizations quickly identify key resolution files. With a simple, intuitive interface, it enables compliance officers and legal IT staff to make more informed decisions to better manage risk.

Reduce e-discovery costs by up to 90%

eDiscovery Platform facilitates fast and accurate outcomes for all your data compliance needs.

Optimize Collection

Execute complex investigations and automate up to 100 searches simultaneously.

Enhance Review

Process and analyze over 500 different file types with streamlined workflows.

Improve Production

Securely scale discovery by isolating, prioritizing and exporting only accurate content.

Flexible deployment

Collect from physical, virtual and cloud environments with a single solution for your entire e-discovery lifecycle.

  • Get start-to-finish discovery from collection to production
  • Easily map your entire data landscape
  • Locate relevant documents and communications

Automated workflows

Start discovery right away without waiting for vendors or installs.

  • Save time and resources by reducing manual effort
  • Mitigate human error with systematic workflows
  • Carry out complex investigations with minimal training

Advanced analytics

Utilize machine learning to manage risk and uncover critical evidence.

  • Leverage a distributed architecture configuration
  • Quickly process and analyze thousands of custodians
  • Use Veritas product integrations for more rigorous data insights

Integrated classification

Drive accelerated review to satisfy Subject Access Requests with the Veritas Classification Engine.

  • Improve data culling and review by prioritizing items with personally identifiable content
  • Prevent sensitive data leaks with automated data masking
  • Optimize reviewer collaboration with tools that support a more agile review process


Respond to regulatory requests (FOIA and GDPR) with an integrated classification engine and advanced redaction features.

  • Locate high-risk content regardless of file type
  • Automatically identify and redact keywords, phrases and personal information
  • Mitigate human error with automated workflows


Address legal holds and quickly assess case strategy with an end-to-end EDRM solution.

  • Streamline discovery from collections through to analysis, review and production
  • Simplify document production and exporting with bulk redaction capabilities
  • Validate chain-of-custody and provide transparency with defensible reporting


Reduce compliance risks and unforeseen costs with a unified platform for all your investigation requirements.

  • Extract embedded content across files with different names, formats and creation dates
  • Broaden investigations by identifying inputs from all internal and external participants
  • Analyze your data ecosystem in-depth to pinpoint redundancies and key information
The eDiscovery Platform drastically cut our document-review time and enabled us to respond rapidly and with confidence to regulatory inquiries.
Assistant General Counsel
Transatlantic Reinsurance

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