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NetBackup SaaS Protection

Multi-layered protection for SaaS application data.

Ensure cyber resilience across your critical SaaS applications.

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SaaS vendors have adopted a "shared responsibility model," which means it's up to businesses to protect and secure their own cloud-based data. NetBackup SaaS Protection provides a unified data management and protection solution, delivering fully managed, cost-effective, automated backup as a service (BaaS) for the leading SaaS business applications through a single, intuitive interface.

Maximize the value of your cloud investments.

Our integrated approach delivers unmatched performance and cost savings.

Flexible Support

Easily support popular SaaS environments at any scale with native connectors.

Operational Efficiency

Simple controls and a modern UI make deployment, compliance, and recovery easy.

Cyber Resilience

Ensure recovery of business-critical data with near-zero RPOs and RTOs.

Comprehensive recovery

  • Restore items, folders, mailboxes, or sites with granular, multi-level recovery
  • Reinstate multiple mailboxes in a single operation
  • Recover data to a preferred location—its original location, another cloud location, or on-premises
  • Retain access to data stored in Microsoft 365 accounts after an employee’s departure without having to maintain an extra active license
  • Avoid falling victim to ransomware or data loss with point-in-time restores or an air-gap copy option

Performance and scalability

  • Capture data at rates of multiple terabytes per day
  • Backup storage that scales to petabytes of data and billions of objects
  • Run incremental backup jobs with greater frequency, reducing both recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs)
  • Augment incremental backups with continuous data protection (near real-time backups) for site collections
  • Scale across multiple regions and domains

Enterprise-grade hardened security

  • Single-tenant architecture—no chance of “data crossover” and reserved dedicated resources
  • Tight integration with Azure Active Directory (AD)
  • End-to-end encryption—backup data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Very granular role-based access control (RBAC)—assign which users are granted which privileges on which data
  • Additional features include IP allow/deny lists, private VNet, access control lists (ACLs), and multifactor authentication

Automated compliance enforcement

  • All backup data is stored on immutable storage (which prevents modification or deletion) in a SOC 2-compliant platform in SOC-2 Type II-compliant data centers
  • Enhanced discovery capabilities, including searches based on multiple factors such as keywords, phrases, proximity, or relevancy ranking as well as Boolean and/or regular expressions
  • Automated data residency controls, making it simple to comply with data sovereignty regulations
  • Flexible retention policies based on numerous customizable criteria, ensuring preservation of data throughout the required timeframe
  • Search across multiple data sources simultaneously and apply legal holds quickly and easily

NetBackup SaaS Protection integrates seamlessly with the leading SaaS business applications.

Microsoft 365

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) lets you use enterprise single sign-on
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 APIs provides backup with no Azure data egress charges
  • Restore select files or all the data belonging to specific users or groups to the data’s original location, an alternate location, or package it for export
  • Maintain versions, notes, and tags on items you restore
  • Run in Continuous Data Protection mode to create a near-real-time backup of SharePoint and OneDrive site collections

Google Workspace

  • Segregated backup of all Google Workspace data that scales as your data grows
  • Capture changes to Google Workspace on an hourly or nightly basis
  • Fully featured Gmail backup and recovery at multiple and granular levels
  • Full support for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and App Scripts
  • Store, compress, and encrypt backup data in the cloud region of your choice


  • A fully managed backup and archive solution using seamless API integration
  • Restore select files, folders, or all the data of a specific user or group to its original location, alternate locations, or export externally
  • Maintain versions, notes, and tags on items you restore


  • Capture private and public channels, direct messages, multi-party DMs, files, snippets, and posts
  • Restore private and public messages and shared files back to Slack or export externally
  • Define a global backup policy for Slack workspaces or set policies per workspace

Protect and manage workloads across your infrastructure.

Our integrated product portfolio delivers unmatched flexibility and control.


The #1 enterprise backup and recovery solution.

NetBackup Flex Scale

Automated backup and recovery for enterprise-level collaboration.

NetBackup Flex

Fully-integrated to protect existing NetBackup environments.


Capture all communication data through a single platform.

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