Data resiliency

Ensure business continuity with a multi-layered defense.

Reduce risk, eliminate uncertainty and maintain control.

Ransomware is powerful, but when confronted with a multi-layered defense, it doesn't stand a chance. Veritas gives businesses the advanced tools and capabilities necessary to keep their data and operations safe from disruption across every environment. Our unified approach strengthens data resiliency by seamlessly integrating proactive protection, intensive detection and industry-leading backup and recovery.

Ransomware is the fastest growing threat in cybersecurity today.

It's disruptive. It's costly. And it can have a devastating impact on your business.

30 per second

Frequency of ransomware attacks in June 2021.*


Business leaders who rank ransomware as a critical threat.***


Businesses that experienced unplanned downtime in the last 12 months.**


Businesses that paid a ransom and still lost half their data.****

Veritas gives you what other providers can't.

Unmatched versatility and performance. Total peace of mind.

Complete visibility in heterogeneous environments.

With NetBackup IT Analytics, you can actively monitor data from any cloud, any backup and any storage through a single, comprehensive diagnostic platform to quickly identify applications and services at risk.

Protect critical data with immutable storage.

Veritas provides a comprehensive, immutable data lifecycle. Data is ingested from the client source and written to immutable on-premises flex appliances or supported third-party hardware, and then duplicated to cloud immutable storage such as Amazon Object Lock.

Automate IT continuity across all platforms.

InfoScale monitors resources asynchronously and detects failures instantaneously allowing for automated failover with near-zero downtime. InfoScale even lets you test disaster recovery with no impact on your production systems, so you can be sure you’re prepared.

Detect dormant ransomware with advanced anomaly detection.

Ransomware can lay dormant, sometimes for months, looking for access points and vulnerabilities. Veritas helps detect the telltale markers with an AI/ML anomaly detection engine. Reports can pinpoint when an attack happened and confirm the last known "clean" backup.

Get resilient against ransomware with our industry-leading products.


The #1 enterprise backup and recovery solution.

NetBackup IT Analytics

Visibility into storage, backup and cloud in a single, agnostic view.

NetBackup Appliance Solutions

Support modern and traditional workloads with our purpose-built appliances or your existing hardware.

Enterprise Vault

Automated data capture and information archiving.

Experience the power of Veritas Enterprise Data Services.

Our integrated product portfolio is backed by a robust and comprehensive technology ecosystem. No other provider comes close to matching its scale and versatility.


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