NetBackup Appliances vs. Dell EMC

It's the difference between unified data management and doubt.

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Dell EMC = Cost + Complexity

Dell EMC PowerProtect DD appliances are as complex as the name sounds, with multiple products bolted together masquerading as a complete solution. Meanwhile, NetBackup Appliances are part of a unified platform that seamlessly integrates proactive protection, intensive detection and industry-leading backup and recovery – all while delivering long-term savings.

Veritas vs Dell EMC: It's no contest.

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Dell EMC

All-in-one, fully integrated data protection solution

Lower OpEx: power, networking, cooling, space

Cloud intelligent policies to abstract multi-cloud complexity

No cloud tiering tax w.r.t time, space, money

Parallel restore to multiple locations and no additional software agent needed: built-in granular VM recovery

Predictive Insights for reduced downtime

MS SQL PIT complete Instant Access Recovery

Modern workload support with PSF technology

Visibility into primary and backup data

Direct tape support (EMC supports VTL)

Extensive IT orchestration and business resiliency tools

SHA2 (128/256-bit) encryption algorithms

Fixed and variable-length deduplication and no file-system-level deduplication limitations

Two-factor deduplication metadata protection

Up to 1,920 PiB storage capacity

Faster backup and restore performance

Fixed and variable-length deduplication

Two-staged MSDP catalog protection

Active-Active HA in Appliances

Broad immutable storage support and resiliency orchestration features

Oracle Wallet integration

RAID 10-protection of metadata

Backup and restore of VMs with Virtual Trusted Platform

Our industry-leading products work together to solve your data management challenges.


The #1 enterprise backup and recovery solution.

NetBackup Appliance Solutions

Support modern and traditional workloads with our purpose-built appliances or your existing hardware.

NetBackup SaaS Protection

Versatile protection for Office 365, Salesforce, G Suite, and Dynamics 365.

Trusted by many of the world’s largest companies, including 95% of the Fortune 100.

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