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Data protection and governance for Microsoft 365 applications.

Maximize the value of your cloud investment.

As businesses worldwide adopt Microsoft 365, the need for enterprise-scale solutions that can safeguard data integrity while enhancing visibility and control continues to grow. Veritas offers a powerful set of tools that meet these challenges head on, ranging from industry-leading backup and recovery, to advanced e-discovery features, to in-depth archiving and classification.

Veritas supports Microsoft 365 in ways other providers can't.

Unmatched versatility and control. Total peace of mind.


  • Quickly archive and restore data for Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive
  • Encrypt data in transit and at rest
  • Easily restore user-defined snapshots


  • Support content from both open-source and proprietary sources
  • Quickly adhere to regulatory requests from the SEC, FINRA, FDA, HIPAA GDPR, FOIA
  • Archive messages and metadata with an immutable audit trail


  • Leverage in-depth analysis to comply with evolving data regulations
  • Search, classify, and archive hundreds of file types in multiple languages
  • Use OCR on images while categorizing audio/video files for better search results

Capturing for Microsoft 365

Classify all business-related data using your existing infrastructure while quickly identifying compliance risks with Merge1, the premier native ingestion engine with over 120+ content sources.

  • Archive all communications and collaboration across your Microsoft applications
  • Capture communications in full-threaded, conversational context
  • Mitigate regulatory risks as more communications use Microsoft applications
  • Quickly adapt to new message platforms to remain compliant

Archiving for Microsoft 365

As the cornerstone of a complete compliance solution for Microsoft 365, Enterprise Vault offers automated data retention archiving for on-premises and cloud environments.

  • Establish a unified repository for Microsoft 365 data discovery with intuitive preservation tools
  • Maintain a complete, immutable audit trail
  • Quickly search and filter results to simplify the utilization of massive data sets
  • Tag items with metadata to speed supervision, search, and discovery

Discovery for Microsoft 365

The Veritas eDiscovery Platform works with Merge1 and Enterprise Vault to form a complete legal and regulatory workflow that helps you manage all litigation and discovery needs.

  • Manage legal hold notifications with a robust set of automated admin tools
  • Improve early case assessment with automated filters and discussion threading to cut review times
  • Simplify in-house discovery with a full portfolio of review tools
  • Easily index hundreds of document types faster than any other industry discovery tool
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15x Leader for Enterprise Information Archiving.

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