Flex Appliance

Bringing the agility of containers to NetBackup data protection.

Flex Appliances bring the agility of container technology to NetBackup data protection. Run multiple NetBackup deployments on a single Flex appliance. Create new deployments and upgrade in minutes. Efficiently tier to the cloud with NetBackup CloudCatalyst containers. Flex Appliance’s ease of use lets you quickly respond in a rapidly changing business environment.

Save on operational and capital costs. Since NetBackup deployments are created 100% in software, your data protection infrastructure can scale quickly without adding hardware.

Flex Appliance Family

Flex 5340 Appliance

  • Enterprise core
  • Consolidate multiple deployments 2 Pb usable capacity
  • High availability
  • Tier to multiple clouds
  • Upgrade to new releases of NetBackup in minutes

Flex 5150 Appliance

  • Enterprise edge
  • Complete NetBackup data protection solution in a compact easy to maintain form-factor
  • Easy to maintain
  • Efficiently tier to the cloud
  • Upgrade to new releases of NetBackup in minutes

Featured Highlights   

Consolidate multiple NetBackup deployments.

  • Reduce data center footprint.
  • Simplify management.
  • Eliminate data center sprawl.
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Create a NetBackup deployment and upgrades in less than five minutes.

  • Choose NetBackup container from menu.
  • Configure NetBackup container.
  • Deploy.
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High availability.

  • Easily configure in minutes.
  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime.
  • All deployments highly available.

Veritas Appliances

Today enterprise IT is more than the core data center, it spans from the edge to the core to the cloud. It includes virtual environments, hybrid clouds along with traditional data protection deployments. One appliance model cannot meet the needs of all these different use cases. Veritas offers several appliance families designed to bring NetBackup enterprise class data protection to the complete enterprise.

Flex Appliance Resources

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