Information Studio

A comprehensive intelligent data platform to address data-related challenges around data privacy, regulatory requests and risk.

Learn how to mitigate privacy risk and exploit valuable data.
See how we're providing an intelligent way to handle data security challenges.
See how the Veritas Information Classifier is enabling a path to data privacy and regulatory compliance.

What's new in Information Studio 1.1

  • Automated classification identifies stale, risky and unnecessary data to address data privacy compliance and other vertical or country-specific regulatory requirements.
  • Data classification helps identify valuable data that’s currently buried.
  • Visualize and filter NetBackup policies.
  • Intuitive and flexible classification policies can be easily customized to meet an organization’s changing needs.
  • Cloud and on-premises data connectors offer a comprehensive view of data to break down storage silos and gain better visibility into the data.
  • Robust file analysis aggregates metadata to better understand data type, ownership, access and age to determine areas of waste, risk and value.

Featured Highlights   

Connect and find data

Data Visualization—Information Studio lets you easily connect data sources across cloud and on-premises as well as Veritas NetBackup™ to view an aggregate collection of your data all in one place. Information Studio’s dashboard provides a geographic orientation of all data, allowing authorized users to dive into a specific location, file server, share, owner, classification tag or any combination of the available filters.

Learn about the Dark Data Assessment

Dig into data with data classification

Classification—Information Studio provides clear visibility, targeted analysis and informed action on data to identify areas of waste, risk and value.

With the power to organize data and take informed action, organizations can be confidently prepared to handle security concerns, new regulations and continuous data growth to ultimately regain control of their data.

Act on the data

Data Privacy and Compliance—Information Studio ensures data attributes such as type, ownership, access and age as well as unique classification tags are easily accessible, searchable and simple to understand. As organizations face increasing data privacy laws and regulatory requirements, Information Studio includes predefined policies that allow users to map to various regulations to automate data classification. When sensitive information is found, you can take informed action.