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Backup Exec for Amazon Web Services

Unified data protection for cloud-ready organizations.

Ensure the protection of your AWS data.

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No matter where you are in your journey to the cloud, you can count on Backup Exec for support. Write data directly to specific geos using public cloud connectors for Amazon S3 storage services. Accelerate IT agility with both on-premises and hybrid options via support for key hardware gateways. Ensure business resilience with Amazon EC2 in-the-cloud and from-the-cloud data protection.

Modernize data protection and lower storage costs

Use inexpensive cloud storage to eliminate tape reliance.

  • Replace cumbersome, expensive tape backup and administration processes with easy to use AWS cloud storage
  • Intelligent deduplication to reduce time, cost and network bandwidth for cloud storage
  • Reduce and convert capital expenses to a more predictable, manageable pay as you go operating expense cost structure

Easily move data to AWS

Ensure data compliance and optimize storage efficiency.

  • Balance performance and storage costs by using AWS for tiered data storage
  • Reduce or eliminate expensive on-premises tape infrastructure by using AWS for long-term data archiving
  • Mitigate regulatory risks by intelligently moving the right data to AWS at the right time

Safeguard workloads in AWS

Confidently protect data in both new and legacy workloads.

  • Simplify data protection with secure, scalable AWS cloud storage
  • Increase resilience and performance by migrating business-critical applications to AWS
  • Ensure high availability of applications and storage across AWS zones and regions

Get Backup Exec in AWS Marketplace

Simplify your cloud data protection implementation with easy deployment from AWS Marketplace.

Protect your business-critical data across every environment.


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