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NetBackup Data Protection Ensures Ransomware Resiliency: Our three-pillar strategy for data protection and recovery ensures your business resiliency.

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Businesses today have to navigate economic crises, global pandemics, shifting regulations, malware and ransomware. Ransomware is big business and attackers are relentless in their pursuit to develop new, creative ways to infiltrate corporate networks and IT environments to seize data and hold it hostage. The key is to be resilient and be able to restore your on-prem or hybrid infrastructure quickly at scale. Our unified Enterprise Data Services Platform and solutions like Veritas NetBackup can help secure your resiliency strategy and data protection infrastructure, reducing risk so you can maintain control of your business – even in the face of malicious malware.

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  • Protect your IT systems and maintain data integrity within your data protection infrastructure.
  • Detect abnormalities in your system by monitoring and mitigating threats.
  • Apply the right recovery option to your environment.