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Guide my actions through shared values.

Data drives progress. So do our values.

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They’re the basis for our success and the foundation of our business, informing the way we serve customers, and guiding our engagement with each other.

Everyday actions based on five guiding principles.

  1. Empower employees to succeed and grow.
  2. Create unique value for our customers every day.
  3. Excel as a team through collaboration and inclusion.
  4. Innovate to win by creating the future.
  5. Inspire trust with integrity and accountability.

Craft the future through innovation.

We believe in consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations. That means we’re continuously innovating because we think differently and are always exploring new ways to improve what we do.

Inspire trust with accountability.

At Veritas, we strive to do the right things for our customers and each other every day. Our vision of integrity requires that we’re honest, authentic, honour our commitments and hold each other accountable.

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