Veritas solutions for education

Enable your institution to create a better student experience.

Information can be educational.

In today’s constantly changing and connected world, it can be a challenge to create a more collaborative learning environment for students.

To get a better handle on what, where and how your data is used, you need to strategically organize and manage your data.


Industries with the highest image storage capacity: Government at 28.4% and Education at 23.1%

Veritas Data Genomics Index Report, 2017


Light Up Dark Data

Whether you are researching genetics for a cure, driving innovation through technology or improving manufacturing with discoveries in robotics, Veritas can help you successfully manage tremendous data sets.


Protect Data Everywhere

We help higher educational institutions access, understand, connect and use its data across all systems and devices, whether on-prem or in the cloud. Protect what’s critical across your organization—wherever it resides. We can help provide you the insights from your data to keep up with the next generation workforce you are molding.


Take our 360 Approach

The Veritas 360 Data Management approach provides insight, protection and availability. This allows our customers to reduce the risk, cost and burden of storing their ever-increasing amounts of data, like student records, loans and financial data, across multiple departments and higher education business applications.


Looking for a Better Grade?

Information Governance can help your institution deliver your data into manageable information assets. The Veritas purpose-built retention management platform lets you:

  • Centralize retention management across email, files and social media. Scale easily from managing 100s of users to 100s of thousands.
  • Deploy on-prem, in hybrid configurations, or in the cloud.
  • Archive to help improve backup and recovery performance.
  • Leverage eDiscovery tools to better respond to legal requests.