Managed Backup Services Overview

Information backup stability, and predictability you need


Your data is your business

Protect both. End-to-End Information Protection.

Our data protection experts provide multivendor operations and management, continuous, end-to-end information protection and disaster recovery support. In addition, our advisory team helps you develop deep understanding of your information environment to assist in lowering compliance risks and reducing costs. Since 2010, customers have relied on Veritas managed data protection to deliver immediate and effective support for disaster recovery

  • Maximize value of storage and data protection investments
  • Improve risk and compliance stance
  • Simplify, consolidate and improve operations of multivendor data protection environments

Managed Data Protection Data Sheet

Managed Data Protection Service Brief

Protect your organization

Take action to secure your information and organization operations

  • Establish clear accountability and simplify  management
  • Gain confidence in your disaster recovery plans – DR testing and DR incident support
  • Increase data protection and recovery assurance – 99.85% backup and 99.999% restore past success rates

Active end-to-end management

Ready when you need us most

  • Every minute matters – 15-minute Priority 1 response
  • 24/7, SLA backed delivery
  • End-to-End, multivendor backup application and infrastructure management

Tame increasing costs and compliance risks

Address the root cause with included information visibility advisory

  • Identify redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data
  • Tag and address high compliance-risk data
  • Archive ROT data to reduce storage and backup costs and improve performance

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